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The Death of Time


It was a home to many, a place for information and lore, a place to gather, and a place to call ours in the community that didn’t want us.

The Lineage 2 Role-Playing Association (L2RPA) started in the early days of the game and held a door open for anyone interested in learning more about the story and becoming a part of the story. The website went through multiple administrations, but it was always there. Even after breaking more than once, it rose from the ashes like a Phoenix.

Last week, I pulled the plug on the website, perhaps for the final time. It had become overwhelmed by spam and bot postings, beyond my ability to clean and delete. Using the modules available in Drupal helped prevent new postings, but with the limited time I had to dedicate to administrating the site it was nearly impossible to make headway.

I felt like a lone soldier, trying to hold a bridge against an onslaught of multitudes, and I knew time was short.

After discussing the plans with the last active poster, I entered the commands and, with a single button, sent it into the void.

Will it rise again? Who knows…

The Muses

I’ve been trying to sit down and write a new blog entry since the Erethia launch. I have various threads of posts in my mind, but I cannot turn them into anything.

So, I figured I would write about the lack of a muse.

As a role-player, a muse is a critical part of what I do. They inspire character, personality, and ambition. They drive what is otherwise pixels into depth.

And now I find myself without one.

The Muses of Old

The Muses of Old

It has robbed me of the ability to write, both for characters and blogs. I find myself staring at a blank screen and blinking cursor, trying to bring the jumbled thoughts together into a post.

This happens, particularly when I am under pressure, and will pass in time. Soon, the muses will be back and stronger than ever. But, it means that this period is going to be a bit dry.

For that, dear readers, you have my apologies.

Have you ever faced writer’s block? How have you overcome?

Split Destiny

Healer/Summoner Dual Class ImageIt was finally time to dual class my main character last week. I made the trek back to Talking Island, to meet with Hadel. She began to tell a story of the damage done to Hermuncus by the gods when they imprisoned him in Ye Sagira. Apparently, he was quartered before he was sequestered away in the Labyrinth. Read the rest of this entry

Crosslink – Player Spotlight: 1Peri1

1Peri1_bufinsFor May, the Lineage 2 Role-Playing Association took the suggestion of a previous spotlight participant and hunted down 1Peri1 on the Official Forums! 

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Memories: Epic Shield Defense

In October of 2006, our clan participated in an Antharas Raid. This was before the levels (and difficulty) was raised, and before the player level cap hit 99 and awakening came about. At the time, I think max level was 75. I was just barely high enough level to do the quest to get into the raid, and our clan was invited by one of the end-game clans we were on friendly terms with. Once we got in, we were told that the bishop resurrections and blessed resurrection scrolls were only for the 70+ crowd, and that anyone under that could get a standard resurrection or non-bishop resurrections.

We joined the fight against the Land Dragon, and within a few minutes the great beast turned his sights on my lowly level 55 character. Read the rest of this entry

Memories: The Crest Heard Around the Server

In 2005 or 2006, our clan had been participating in castle sieges on the weekend. We had signed with our alliance to attack Gludio Castle. Since this was a time before fame farming had been introduced, we had every intention of attacking. The plan was to assist a friendly clan in securing the castle, but it turned out a little different.

Gludio Castle

Gludio Castle

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Daily MacGuffin

You there, Adventurer! Yes you, with the face! I need you to collect 250 of this MacGuffin and turn it in to someone else!

You there, Adventurer! Yes you, with the face! I need you to collect 250 of this MacGuffins and turn it in to someone else!

a MacGuffin (sometimes McGuffin or maguffin) is a plot device in the form of some goal, desired object, or other motivator that the protagonist pursues, often with little or no narrative explanation.

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Christmas Kamael Wishing You A Happy Holidays!

Christmas Kamael Wishing You A Happy Holidays!

Crosspost – Player Spotlight: Linnda

This month, the L2RPA Player Spotlight shines on another of the forum personalities, a player who contributes both to the dialogue on threads and also to the banter that goes back and forth outside of the question & answer. This month, we shine the spotlight on Linnda!

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I’ve always admired wizard classes, and here they were no exception. As a spike-damage dealer, I thought that the concept of the wizards was just awesome. They were a little different in Lineage 2, because most of them seemed to be one-click wonders. As my wife explained it: “Click: Boom!” was their specialty.

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